Found this really old pic of me catching some air… That was a very good day with @barbatico @senormoe y @chrispuelloc Los quiero y extraño amigos. Que tiempos aquellos!!

So work sent me this to help me get better from the chickenpox. @aviaryhotel you guys are grape!!!
#igetsickthwysendmeflowers (at Home)


A new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art explores Frank Lloyd Wright’s urban utopias, even though cities and nature grow differently than he hoped they would:

Photograph: Courtesy the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Cat By Stereo. This dude makes me laugh. @deathbystereoband @mikebystereo @danbystereo @efbystereo

What a fucking honour!!! Thanks @deathbystereoband Incredibly stoked about the gig on Saturday here in Melbourne!! DEATH FOR LIFE!!

Casual Friday. At the #MCG

I travel with feel so I can deal with touch, it's like that thank you very much. Fuck you very much.

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