"I’ll take this knife out of my back and stab it straight into the heart of a country that was built on lies and murder for the start"

And again, my @rubenireland print in it new spot.  (at Home )

Early Christmas present! Really stoked to see Misfits again!! #misfits #thecorner (at Home)

And this ladies and gentleman, is what the USM of a #Canon #50mm #L #f1.2 looks like.  (at Home)

Very close to Melbourne now. We decided to rename the Australian road kill. So far we’ve seen many #deadgaroos #wasllabies  and unfortunately a #wasbat. #deadgaroos #wasllabies  #wasbats #koalan’t


creppy rei 4 a creepy day

A dead spider is a good spider.

I travel with feel so I can deal with touch, it's like that thank you very much. Fuck you very much.

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